3 single ingredient dog treats your pet will just LOVE

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We are familiar with the saying less is more, and in the case of single-ingredient pet treats, this common phrase is entirely accurate. But, what makes this treat so unique? Like the name states, the treat contains only one ingredient. Nowadays, this type of pet’s food is highly popular with the number of manufacturers in the market; dog parents have a challenging decision to make. Dog treats are a perfect answer to all your troubles with processed food. In this way, you can avoid artificial, potentially harmful and unnecessary ingredients.

Dog owners know that nutrition is a crucial thing to a happy and healthy life. So, when it comes to shopping, it’s up to you to decide what nutrient, mineral, and vitamins your dog will get. Just like humans, it is essential to eat food that doesn’t include harmful ingredients, such as artificial colors, salts, and sugar. In most cases, single ingredient treats are rich in proteins and low in calories, which maintains a healthy balance with your dogs. The single ingredient treat is a perfect solution for dogs who are suffering from allergies and have stomach problems. If you have troubles deciding which one to buy, then here is our choice, we hope you’ll like it.

Dehydrated Dog Treats

Dehydration is one of the best preservation processes that includes removing the moisture from the food. This task is achieved with a combination of hot and dry air. Once you remove the moist from the food, it is more difficult for bacteria, yeast, and mold to grow. This can spoil not only the food but also endanger the health of your pet. Any type of food can be dehydrated, which prolongs the shelf life. Dehydrated dog treats are a perfect meal for your furry friend because it doesn’t require any preservatives. They retain the shape, the look, and also a delicious smell. We are sure your dogs will love them.

One of the best treats you can give your dog is coconut flakes. But, did you know that this ingredient is great for your dogs? Coconut is full of fibers and healthy fats, and it has a wide range of health benefits. Some of them include progress of digestive and intestinal system, improves nutrient absorption, promotes healthy and glossy coats, reduces the risk of cancer and balances the cholesterol. Usually, this type of treat contains only one ingredient, organic coconut. In most cases, coconut us sliced and dehydrated into small stripes.

Jerky dog treats

They consist of thinly sliced lean meat, which has been previously dried for preservation. We already explained the dehydration process prolongs the shelf life, but you can find treats that haven’t been dehydrated. One of the best on the market is Evanger’s jerky dog treats. This company has been in the food industry for the last 75 years. In the assortment, they use cow, buffalo or sheep for the treats. While this type of food may gross you out, it’s excellent for dogs. Considering they are gently dried, jerky treats still contain essential digestive enzymes and are rich in fatty acids. But, be aware, these treats are stinky!

jerky-dogAnother favorite meat for dogs is kangaroo one, yes, you read it correctly. Kangaroo meat contains exotic proteins which are an excellent option for dogs which are sensitive to allergies and food. Kangaroo meat is 100% digestible and promotes healthy teeth and gums with dogs. It is also rich in antioxidants, which help fight the diseases and repair damaged cells.

Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Freeze drying is a specific process in which ingredients are frozen in specialized vacuum chambers. During this process, the small ice crystals are formed, which later evaporate, as the pressure drops. The solid to ice change is called sublimation and removes all the moisture from the food while keeping the nutrients.

One of the famous products on the market are the Brave Beagle dog treats, which have 100% frozen dry liver. The meat used in this product is raised in the U.S. and inspected by the USDA. The liver is full of nutrients and quite a dense ingredient. The drying process leaves everything inside, smell, flavor, and minerals. Each bag contains around 240 treats and only four calories per piece, which makes this food great choice of training. You get everything in a resealable bag, which is a huge plus. Brave Beagles can be combined with other food, as a topper. That should give your pet enough energy for some outdoor activities.

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