5 Healthy Snacks That You Should Bring on Your Next Trip

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Hitting the road is as funny as hell but can become hell if you don’t equip yourself with the nutritious and healthy snacks as you never know when you could possibly be stuck in a line because of the construction work on the road. We are all familiar with the feeling of the grumbling sound of the stomach and how nice it is to eat something to take it away. And yes, we know that you are thinking of snacks a day before while packing your stuff, but you always forget it somehow. Take a quick look at our list, as we have pointed out a few healthy meals that can give you more energy. We want to note that we have used a fantastic Dehydrator Spot for making our dried fruit and you can find the same one at https://www.dehydratorspot.com/.

Dried fruit

Fresh fruit is excellent as it refreshes you and replenishes your vitamin stocks that deplete during exhausting trips. However, fruit can literally “boil” during the high temperatures and lose the healthy nutrients that they contain while fresh. That is where steps in the dried fruit. While it has not the freshness, it offers a prolonged and intact version of food that contains all necessary healthy nutrients and it is easy to store. We recommend the mentioned Dehydrator Spot as we made dried fig, plum and apple for a couple of trips.

Snack bars

A grab and go last minute option should always be reserved for snack bars that are rich in proteins, which you desperately need while traveling. Try to avoid bars that contain chocolate in higher amounts as an additional sugar is not one of the primary needs of your body. A good old classic snack bar comes in handy when you really don’t have too much time to eat. Grab one and eat it while on the move and refresh yourself with pure energy.

Oatmeal to-go packs

Oatmeal is a healthy way to start your day so the next time you wake up yourself after 5 hours of a night ride, you will want a small oatmeal pack to eat. This is a great way to get your stomach working before eating more dense and hard food. Specially made with low sugar and high protein levels, instant packs are perfect snacks for those who are fans of whole-grain meals. Pour them in a small bowl or a bigger cup, add boiling water/milk, wait a bit and enjoy in one of the healthiest breakfasts!

The mix of walnuts, almonds and pecan

If you are looking for a tidy version of the nutty salad, the mix of walnuts, almonds, and pecans is the perfect choice for travelers who like nutty fruit. Raw, spiced or smoked – whatever type of processing you choose, you will count on the high level of healthy nutrients that your body craves for.


Do not go anywhere without crackers! Dry but nutritious, they can be your SOS food in an emergency case. Not that you need to eat them every day all day, but they can be a decent replacement for a medium meal. We recommend cheese-crackers as they are milkier and richer in the structure.

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