Five Ways To Eat Cheap On Vacation

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Many people when planning a vacation, they want to save as much as possible, including that entire organization is expensive enough. When you are in some foreign country, the price of meal can vary widely, depending on the establishments you plan to visit. But, if you enjoy food as much as we do, then you will have to learn some tricks that will keep your budget healthy. On the other hand, trying the local cousin is one of the best ways to experience another culture, and we are going to show you how.

Plan ahead

VacationWhat every country you are visiting, make sure to plan things. If you know you want to try a specific dish, then make sure to research the restaurants on the web and ask about their prices. You can also subscribe to their newsletter and receive coupons and information about promotions. At least now the internet has enabled us various possibilities to explore different meals, restaurants and find about their prices. By planning in advance, you will know how much money you will spend on certain things.

Always be flexible

Restaurants and bars offer various deals and packages during the week when it’s less crowded. Not only lunch is often cheaper, but eating during those off time can help you save a substantial amount of money. Also, many food establishments offer happy hour meals, and half-price appetizers are a regular thing in many bars. In addition to this, you can visit bakeries at the end of the day; the prices are usually 50% off. Many restaurants and bars have this information published on their website, so make sure to check it out.

Vacation Food

Pack smart

When you are going on a vacation, between meals snacks can cost you a lot of money. So, instead of buying, you can always bring with you some filling snacks that won’t go bad or make a mess in your bag. For this occasion, you can use granola bars, nuts, dried fruit or some solid food. It is a smart decision to buy a reusable water bottle that has a filter attached, in this way you will save money on water and you won’t have to but new bottle every time.

Take advantage of your hotel

If the hotel you are staying offers some free meals, then you should eat smart. In this case, skip the sugary cereals and go for a combination of protein, fruits, and vegetable, this will keep you sated for a longer time, and you can even limit yourself to two meals per day. Before leaving the hotel, make sure to check out some fresh fruit, water or granola bars, they can be found in spa or fitness center. You can always ask hotel staff for some affordable eating options and restaurants nearby.

Behave as locals

Tourists are often easy targets, and restaurants and bars tend to charge them more. But, if you want to avoid this, then go to places where locals go, if you ‘re going to grab an affordable bite. The local food joint will provide you bigger portions then resort you are staying in.

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