Four Things To Avoid When Going To Foreign Country

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Going abroad can be an exciting, but also a challenging experience. When you are visiting for the first some country, you don’t know what are you facing with. So, before you head on your journey, read our list of things, that should help you get around while you are abroad.

Don’t use exchange office at the airport

This might sound like a convenient solution, to pick up some foreign currency while you are waiting to board, but the reality is different. The rates and fees at the airport exchange office are shocking, and they can severely damage your budget. But, where you should go? First of all, you should compare the prices and choose the best service in the country you are visiting. You should select the place where a lot of locals go and probably use smaller amounts of money, to test their service.

Be aware of credit card fees

atmWhen you are using the ATM in a foreign, you should be sure to know their fee policy. Unless you have an emergency, don’t use ATM to withdraw money because you will be charged a transaction fee and in some cases, you will pay interest. Before you go abroad, visit your bank and ask bank clerk about withdrawal policy in foreign countries and how much they charge. In this way, you will know what to expect.

Don’t fall for conversion trick

When you are using your debit or credit card abroad, you will be given an option pay in home currency, or use the local currency. You might think that the best solution would be to use home currency, but you will be scammed because banks and retailer set their own conversion rates and they are usually much lower than actual rates. So, in this case, always choose the local currency or the state you are in.

Book in advance

This rule applies to airline ticket and hotel room. If you book earlier, then you are more likely to pay less. Nowadays, with the help of the internet, you can book everything in advance, such as sightseeing tickets, rental cars, meals and so on.

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