How to plan and host a party?

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Planning a party may seem like a challenging task, especially if you plan to host a large number of people. So, here are some things you should focus on:

Number of guests

When you are organizing a party, you should consider how many people you can accommodate in your space. On the other hand, if you are planning an outdoor event, you should know that if it rains, everyone will end up inside. Also, some guests may influence your choice of food and drinks and what amount you need to prepare. If you have a limited house space, then ask your guests to come in between certain hours, to avoid a crowd.

What type of even will you plan?

Many catering experts recommend a buffet than finger food. It will take you less time to prepare, and people will be able to enjoy the food. A cold fork menu is more accessible than hot, and it can be made in advance, leaving you enough time to chat with guests. Again, it all depends on the number of people you plan to hosts, if you are making a small and simple party, then finger food can be a great option.


In this case, you don’t only need space for guests; you need space for food as well. Can your kitchen cope with the amount of food you are planning to prepare? Do you need additional space in a fridge? Do you have enough work surface? These are just some of the things you need to think about. It doesn’t matter if your guests are feeling comfortable, but you have problems serving them because you don’t have enough space to place the food. Also, don’t set the bar area close to the door because it will be crowded as your guests arrive.


Almost every household has the essential tools, but for a party, you will need much more. For example, equipment for cooking, serving dishes, places, and glasses. If you lack the equipment, borrow something from your friends, it will save you time, space and washing. Hiring a cook would be a waste of money, and you can do everything on your own. On the other hand, if you are planning a fancy party, then you need to reconsider and see if you are up to a challenge.

Work on quantities

This is the most significant problem people are facing because they can’t evaluate how much food they need to prepare. In most cases, they make too much food, which later is wasted or thrown away. But, you can always calculate, and here are some standard amounts per person: 225g of meat, 200 of fish, 60g of vegetables, 100g of potatoes, 60g of rice and 30g of cheese. In this case, you can just multiply with the number of guests and avoid unpleasant situations.

Many people use party finder app when they want to add a number of guests to their party, or when they want to attend an event.

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