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Italy is one beautiful country, and it attracts a lot of attention. First of all, it has a rich cultural heritage, and Italian food is famous all over the world. If you love traveling and exploring the different cultures, then Italy is the right place for you. On the other hand, people come prepared when they are going on a vacation, and they try to limit their expenses, which means, if someone tries to rip them off, they will find the ways to stop it. But, eventually, it will happen to you as well, no matter how much you try to keep the things under control. So, if you are visiting restaurants in Italy, here is what you need to know.

Don’t eat close to the tourist site

Like in any other country, there are some less than honest establishments that try to scam the visitors and Italy is no exception and tourist are considered as easy prey. Restaurant and coffee shops that are lined next to big tourist sites are more likely to rip you off and charge you the highest prices. It’s not always the rule, but in most cases, it’s practice. For example, when you see establishments on famous piazzas, which have a lot of non – Italians always been on guard. Also, when you look at a host outside the door welcoming you and asking you to come in, make sure to avoid such place, all local restaurants don’t rely on this service because they have established a reputation.

Don’t sit down in an Italian coffee shop

Italian Coffee

Unless you are dead tired and your feet are killing you, avoid sitting down in any place that has a “bar” in its name. There is a reason for this, once you sit down, the price of coffee you have ordered doubles and even triples in some places. One you enter Italian café, you will notice all Italians standing up and drinking their beverage. The prices of coffee in Rome are outrageous, so, regardless which place you choose, a standing coffee will cost you less.

If you decide to sit down, how not to get ripped off

If after all warnings you still want to sit down and enjoy your coffee, then make sure to check the prices that are listed on the counter. You will notice two columns, one is called Banco, and it represents the cost if you are standing up, and the other is called Tavolo, and it’s the price for the sitting. If there isn’t some significant gap price between these two, then by all means, sit. But, keep in mind to check your receipt and see if it’s identical to the listed prices.

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