The Best Small Restaurants In London

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If you have ever wanted to visit England and enjoy their cousin, then you have a variety of places to explore. But, based on our experience, the UK can be expensive, if you choose exclusive restaurants. But, you don’t have to go to a high – end places to discover their memorable meals. In most cases, small and cozy restaurants can provide you better atmosphere and give you pure enjoyment. You will be relaxed and ready to enjoy the British dishes. We have prepared the list of places you should go if you ever decide to go to London.

Mr. Falafel

Mr. Falafel has been playing an important role in London’s culinary tradition, it is located in the West London’s shabby Shepherd’s Bush Market, and it has been here since the 1980s. Due to its remarkable tradition and excellent menu, this restaurant has managed to keep the place as one of the best small food joints in London. Here visitors have a chance to try some of the remarkable meals, such as fried cauliflower or slices of fried aubergine with tahini. The best way to explore this place is if you order snacks on the run and the cheapest meal cost only £5.


LardoTen years ago, Dalston was full of Vietnamese and Turkish restaurants, and it was very challenging to find a place where you can try something different. Nowadays, this district combines almost any cuisine in the world and Lardo is the highlight of the entire area. If you just want to see some friendly faces and enjoy pleasant company, then, the owner Eliza Flanagan will make your day. Here you will experience the warmest welcome in London and try the best food. The easygoing atmosphere and delicious meals will blow your mind. The price for two-course meals is around £15.


This place is quite secluded, and it is squeezed between two sallow storage areas near Victoria Part. The Towpath Café is proof that if you are doing something right, people will find a way to discover you. This place is perfect for the people who want some time alone, away from the city crowd and people. The restaurant serves two or three seasonal dishes every day, and you have a chance to try the real ice – cream custard, straight from the machine. The Towpath Café has a fantastic view of the Canal where you can spend beautiful summer days enjoying the great food. The price is about £24 for two.


Quality Chop House

Like any great place, the Chop House will make you feel like you have been here for years. It’s established tradition dates from 1869. The new owners have transformed this place and give it a unique perspective. Here you can try a traditional British cousin and enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. They have one of the best wine lists in the entire London, and if you decide to visit this place, then you should try the Longhorn mince on dripping toast. The price for two is about £70.

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