These Are Meals You Must Try In Bangkok

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Everyone who had ever visited Bangkok has experienced their weird food and a bit of unusual dishes that have never seen before. The taste of their meals is something you will never forget, as each meal is completely different from everything you had ever tried. Some are really delicious, while some are really unusual that you simply cannot get accustomed to, but in any case, Thai cuisine is one of the best ones in the world. So, if you are ready, buy a cheap ticket to Bangkok via and get ready to try one of the unique dishes in the world!

Boat noodles

One of the first things that tourists try in this city is a meal called boat noodles. The reason for this name comes from the fact that this dish is usually sold at the small boats that are floating in the canals. Basically, it is a meal that contains noodles made of rice.

Boat noodles

Delicious Boat noodles

The noodles are soaked in a broth that is made of stock’s, mainly pig’s blood. You may think this is not something you want to try, but you are wrong. Although it looks and sounds bad at first, it is actually a very tasty meal that you can buy for a low price. It is considered to be one the traditional meals.

Grilled pork

The delicious smell of pork will make you try this dish as it is really something unique. Small chunks of pork are marinated for hours in a soy sauce and then grilled on skewers. The side dish is usually a portion of sticky rice, though it can also be a mix of seaweeds, depending on where you eat the meal.

This is maybe the most popular form of street food in Bangkok and tourists love this one! As it is also considered to be a part of the traditional cuisine, the meal can be found in several stores across the city, but the most popular (and of the highest quality) is Ping Hea Owen cart.

Sweet potato balls

For all those that like sweets, here is something you will love! The deep-fried balls of potato, mixed with a bit of sugar and tapioca will make your hunger go away, at least after a couple of balls. These are tiny balls that are delicious and represent the perfect blend of healthy food and sweet taste. The best part is that the meal is really cheap and it will be the perfect replacement for chocolate fans, believe it or not!

Fried banana pancake

If you love pancakes and bananas, this is the right choice for you! This is like the most traditional form of sweet in Thailand that is healthy and nutritious! You often get these at the street carts in Pratunam or Silom. These are always fresh as everyone buy these.

You can add a topping if you want, like sugar, chocolate or even Nutella! The portions are perfect for on-the-go, although you can order a bigger portion that will make you eat more and more!

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