Traveling To New Zealand? Try These 3 Classic Dishes Of Maori Culture

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New Zealand is one of the most stunning places on the Earth as it is a beautiful island where you can see the intact nature! Like every country, it has some of its unique traditional cuisine recipes that you should not miss when you get there. Since this country is an island, you can expect that the local cuisine consists mostly of seafood. Whether you already arrive there you are still obtaining your New Zealand ETA, have in mind that you must not leave the country without trying some of the traditional cooking recipes. So, let’s present the top three foods you have to eat in New Zealand!


Hangi is the term that denotes the underground oven that was used for cooking of almost all types of food but today is not that present. Still, the authentic restaurants and street food shops offer you the taste of food that comes out of this oven. The most common food cooked in this oven underground is chicken, vegetables, lamb, potato, pork, mutton and cabbage.

Food In NZ

Delicious Food In New Zealand

However, the catch is not only in the underground oven but also in wrapping food in leaves that protect it from burning, while enabling it to cook slowly inside. Once the food is wrapped, it is placed in the baskets, which are placed on the hot stones. Then, the baskets are covered with soil which traps the heat around the food/basket and cooks it. Though the cooking time is several hours, the quality of food is incredible!


Yes, it is not possible not to mention some type of seafood as it is the main part of Maori’s cuisine. This is one of the favorite Maori’s food and this is basically a lobster. Now, the crayfish may come in many different forms, from meatballs to spaghetti parmesan, salad to sandwiches and broths.

It does not matter which recipe you try as all of these are super delicious and represent the piece of traditional cuisine. We highly recommend barbequed crayfish with lime and chili as this is something you simply cannot skip nor describe anyone who has not tried anything like this. Also, try it with garlic butter!

Hokey Pokey Ice cream

For all ice cream lovers, here is the best ice cream you can find in NZ! Hokey Pokey is a pure vanilla ice cream that contains small chunks of honeycomb toffee! Although the term is coined during the 19th century in New York, the original meaning comes from NZ, as Hokey Pokey designates the honeycomb toffee.

Dining In NZ

Best Food From New Zealand

This ice cream is usually available in portion, but it is also available in cone-classic ice cream shape. You may find some additional flavors added to the original recipe, however, the genuine flavor contains the mentioned toffee and vanilla flavor. This is one of the tastiest ice creams in the world and if you have a chance to try it in NZ, do not hesitate!

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