How To Choose A Wedding Cake?

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The wedding is probably one of the most stressful events in every bride’s life. You want everything to look perfect, starting from the smallest details. Besides your wedding dress, a wedding cake should represent the highlight of the entire event. But, when it comes to deciding which one to choose, many women are faced with numerous challenges. So, we are going to help you make the right decision.

Taste the cake

Wedding CakeAs you start reviewing and setting up your appointments, make sure to find out when the bakers set up tasting schedules. At this event, customers are invited into bakeries to sample the cakes and find the right match for them. You can use this opportunity to ask questions about their business and look at their portfolio; this will provide you an insight into their abilities and help you understand the full range of their services.

Choose a style

This will probably be the most challenging decision, considering the variety on the market. But, when choosing the form, you need to take into consideration your dress, the décor, the menu, the season and flower arrangements, if you want everything to match. On the other hand, some people love the colorful accent, in this case, make sure to explain your baker everything you need and what style you prefer.

Determine the size

wedding cake

The size largely depends on the number of guests you invite, in this case, you can even save the money. Tell your baker how many guests you expect and you he will propose you how big of a cake you should order. For example, if you have up to 100 people, then three tires will be enough, if on the other hand, if you expect 200 guests, then you will need five layers.

Ask about the price

Usually, wedding cakes are priced by the slice, and they can vary from $1.50 up to $15. The more complicated cake you want, the bigger the price will be. For example, fondant icing is more expensive than a buttercream, and if you wish certain details on your cake, then you will have to pay the designer’s work.

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