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Are you a fan of restaurants? Do you insist on just American cuisine or you like to experiment a bit? If the answers to these questions are yes, Miami is the right place for you. Miami has the most diverse cuisine in the world as this city is the crossroad where almost every cuisine around the globe meets. That will, without any doubts, ensure that you taste and experience the richest culinary tradition you every imagined and try multiple different meals, depending on what you like.

restaurant-next-to-the-oceanA sunny climate, the ocean, various nations, plenty of restaurants of all sorts, all of this combined will make you experience something you have not even imagined. If you are asking what restaurant to visit first, here is a good recommendation for you. If this is your first time in Miami, you will want to visit the most interesting restaurant and one of the best miami downtown restaurants would be Balans restaurant and bar.

It’s a downtown dining staple of Miami and their global menu will make you lose your mind with the best happy hours this city has to offer. Hearty breakfasts, late drinks with your friends and family or a party, fine and elegant dinners with the most amazing dishes from all over the world, local specialties, executive lunches, Balans has a little something for everyone and their service exceeds everyone else in the business.

A place that will meet your expectations

Hailing from London, Balans really boomed in Miami and its long history makes it one of the most important restaurants in the country. It is all about diversity and their food offerings are simply astonishing. They give the advantage to the local cuisine of course so expect custom burgers by the original recipe but also count on many other specialties like Argentine Churrasco, shrimps, curry chicken or creative and healthy vegetarian salads.

With four locations throughout the city, you can find dinner, lunch and brunch menus, international flair, modern comfort food and everything else that you need in order to enjoy yourself like never before. They are on top of their game and their versatile identity will pay homage to you and your soothing and sophisticated tastes. Pay a visit to Lincoln Road, Brickell, MIMO District or Dadeland and see for yourself why this is one of the best restaurants in Miami.

A good restaurant is not only about food, it is also about drinks and customer service. When it comes to drinking menu, you can also expect nothing but the best. People who like beer will be pleased with the selection but those who prefer wine will not be disappointed as well. There is also a huge selection of spirits and the staff is particularly nice to the guests. All four locations have something unique that makes them stand out from the rest. Put simply, no matter what your tastes are, you will be able to please your appetite and enjoy.

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